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“Bees Knees”

bee' knees, calves and ankles.or cankles hahahahaha holy crapola i'm dying.

Daily Odd Compliment.

Daily odd compliment: If I could reach the stars, I'd give them all to you. Or sell them to Rihanna, because she thinks they're diamonds, and then I'd use that money to buy you something nice, because that's what you deserve

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The Daily Odd Compliment - ypu make me happy like puppies licking my face.

Daily Odd Compliment

I can't get you out of my head. Which is now becoming a problem because sometimes I have other things I need to be thinking about. Like what my name would be if I were a dragon. hahaha, I love Daily Odd Compliments!

rock climbing

Usain Bolt on a rock? Vincent Causse working the crux on Indian Summer in Hampi, India. Photo by Kaare Iverson

Every time.

) ha:) I used to do this! Now when I accidentally fall on the stairs halfway up I realize oh wtheck why not go animal mode!

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Omg I need to make this but with my futuras!