Poetry and Motion_ Interview with Asha

this interview is with Asha_a hip hop artist/ tap dancer/Psychology graduate/choreographer/dance teacher from New Jersey.
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📷: @afrikansniper #isthatasha
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Last night with @teambackpack @oshunnyc @sabajenga missing @chelseareject though. #isthatAsha #laxtojfkcypherseries 📷:@sofa.king.gee
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D U M B O . #isthatAsha #Brooklyn #NewYork #apt33
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@capezio I need a new pair of K360's #isThatAsha
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It's that time for the year again, folks. I had a perm up until 5 years ago. Some people have only known me with straight hair while others only know the fro...Well, I'm Straightening my hair today! It's been a while but it's happening. (: #isthatasha
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#CAREMORE See you tomorrow, Brooklyn.
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As you mature you begin to understand how useless excuses are. If you haven't exhausted all of your resources, you haven't tried hard enough and maybe you don't want whatever it is as much as you think you do... Good Afternoon! Be Productive. Hoodie courtesy of @highlyfavoredclothing #isThatAsha #highlyfavoredclothing
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It's been a week since I dropped #ADDICKTED What do y'all think about it? Hate it, love it? Don't just like the post, TALK TO ME, I want to know! @flaschsimz and I worked really hard on this. Tag a friend who hasn't seen it yet! #isThatAsha #Masterbait WATCH THE FULL VIDEO (link in bio)
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Good Morning 📷: @chuckmarcus #capezio #isThatAsha #tapdance #chuckmarcusphotos
Archives . #isThatAsha cc: @nakeyab
Archives . #isThatAsha cc: @nakeyab
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