A hyena gets chased off by a warthog!

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Namaqualand is famous for its impressive fields of Namaqua daisies and other wildflowers. This beautiful region of South Africa was made famous by nature photographer, Freeman Patterson.




Video: Hungry hyena finds a buffalo stuck in the mud - Africa Geographic

The fastest land animal sometimes allows us to get great sightings when they slow down just enough for a photo. Photo by Richard Mckibbin.

The experts' guide to spotting big cats in South Africa

Where are you most likely to spot a lion, a leopard, or a cheetah?

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Leopard hung up in a tree by another leopard - Africa Geographic

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Wildscape by Marina Cano Two giraffes necking and seagulls flying in Cabarceno, Spain. Another great day in the Wokshop: A DAY WITH MARINA CANO IN CABARCENO. If you want to join me for a workshop in the largest wildlife.

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It's busy season at Cheetah Paw Eco Lodge and there have been lions everywhere! See some of the most recent and unique sightings at Kruger.