Ring pillow wedding

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a white ring pillow sitting on top of a pink blanket next to a bottle of perfume
Cloth Pearl Nonwovens Ring Pillow Garden Theme / P - Champagne
Material:Cloth Wedding Collection:Ring Pillow Theme:Flower, Wedding, Pillow, Garden Theme Cover Materials:Nonwovens Embellishment:Pearl Pillowcase Size:15cm*15cm Width/Diameter (cm):6" (15 cm) Approx. Hight (cm):2" (5 cm) Quantity (pcs):1 Season:All Seasons Length:15cm(Approx6inch)
a white ring pillow with satin ribbon and bows on it's side, sitting on a blue cloth
ateliersarah’s ring pillow
a white ring pillow sitting on top of a black cloth
ateliersarah’s ring pillow
two white wedding garters on a blue satin background with the words, ateliersar's ring pillow pushed in the easy in 1994
Work that was introduced in Zexy in 1999
a ring pillow with flowers on it sitting next to a bouquet of white and pink flowers
Old, but gold
a white brooch with lace and pearls on it's center piece, against a black background