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the different styles and sizes of corbs for windows, doors and gutter
Polyurethane Corbels - Pg 6 | Buy Online | Huge Selection
Polyurethane Corbels, pg 6
french doors with measurements for different sizes and widths on the front door, shown in white
New Doorways Say HELLO!
Burlap & Tin: New Doorways Say HELLO! /best tutorial so far on craftsman doors
two pictures showing how to install carpet in a room | The official home for all things Disney
DIY UPGRADE- add a strip of trim a bit above already existing baseboards, paint and voila.. easy/cheap faux amazing thick baseboards!
before and after pictures of a house with wood flooring, walls painted white to match the rest of the room
before and after moldings
an advertisement for furniture that is white and has many different pictures on the front page
Four historically accurate molding styles, compared side by side
Four historically accurate molding styles, compared side by side | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the parts of a skirting board are labeled
Adding Character to your home {Molding}
Adding Character to your home {Molding}
an empty living room with hard wood flooring and white trim on the door way
A Foyer "Before" and "After"
Decorative molding added to standard doorways makes such a huge difference!
an empty room with a white ceiling and light coming in from the top right corner
Molding designed to house LED strips for cove lighting. Can be mounted up or down.