Layered Milk Tart 1 litre c) full-cream milk 2 cinnamon sticks 60 ml (¼ c) custard powder 80 ml c) cornflour 1 can g) condensed milk 100 g Stork Bake, cubed 1 egg, whisked 2 packets g each) Tennis biscuits ground cinnamon .

Custard Slices are a very traditional treat in South Africa and a family favourite. This quick recipe is made by sandwiching homemade custard between layers of crispy crackers - yum!

Kors 2 x 200 g pak sjokoladebeskuitjies, fyn gedruk 200 g botter, gesmelt Vulsel 500 g Cremora 250 ml k) kookwater 2 x 397 g.

I feel a long way from home! I haven't heard the word "biltong" in a very long time!

Onthou om die ingedampte melk die vorige aand in die yskas te sit – dit moet yskoud wees, anders sal dit nie styf.

Traditional Milk Tart from Deona Tait of Pretoria, South Africa. This recipe won SARIE’s nationwide milk tart competition. She inherited it from her aunt, Helie Williams

Two packs of lady fingers 2 tins of caramel 1 big tub of Ultramel custard 2 tubs of whipping cream ( 500ml) 6 bananas Method In a large bowl with a flat surface place your lady fingers neatly next to each other until all the surface of the bowl is covered , now pour…