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Gerhard Kruger

Gerhard Kruger
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Black Hole

LAST GASP: The swirling disk of matter falling into a black hole radiates intensely and shoots high-speed bursts of plasma back into the galaxy. How Black Holes Shape the Galaxies, Stars and Planets around Them: Scientific American

Artist\'s impression of neutron star. Neutron stars are formed when large stars run out of fuel and collapse. To get a neutron star, you need to have star that’s larger than about solar masses and less than 5 times the mass of the Sun.

A photo of Pulsar B1509 taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory > (NASA)

NASA inspired me to look beyond just earth to worship God. Taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory from it's orbiting 360 miles above the Earth, the recently released photo of Pulsar captures the X-Ray nebula in a state shaped like a human hand.