Collection by Gerhard Visser


Gemini GF32 | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

Gemini GF32 | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

Toria | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

The Toria is a 15 Kw unit that offers you a big window in front to offer great visuals of the fire as well as great amounts of heat into your home , the Toria has a side hopper to allow for larger logs to be inserted for optimal burning…

Rubin Red | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

This powerful premium fireplace has striking ruby red side panels which command admiration and attention. Mighty as it is, the Rubin provides plenty of warmth for a medium to large space while being surprisingly light on fuel with a 79% efficiency. A wonderful aesthetic feature in any home, the large…

Brita | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

An inviting addition to any home when the cold comes knocking, the contemporary Brita is a medium-sized, freestanding fireplace, ideal for heating medium to large areas and open plan homes. An efficient, freestanding, closed combustion steel fireplace, warm your space with minimum effort and plenty of heat that radiates from…

Modena Lux White | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

The MODENA LUX comes in red or white and is ideal for larger spaces. The big firebox and wide window give a good view of the flames. As well as giving excellent radiant heat, double skin side walls suck in cold air from the base, heat it up in the…

Atenea | Fireplace & Chimney Co.

A stove that offers an excellent view of the fire, thanks to its large combustion chamber. Primary and secondary adjustable air intakes for complete control over burning. Double deflector system. Now available with THERMIC interior, for a high level of thermal inertia.