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a wheel diagram with many different apps and icons in the middle one is labeled la nuecera padagonia
The Padagogy Wheel: It’s Not About The Apps, It’s About The Pedagogy
the three acts i learned worksheet for students to learn numbers and counting them
3-2-1 Closure Activity - Printable Worksheet
an exit ticket with the words,'exit ticket proms for any subject '
15 Exit Ticket Prompts For Any Subject
there are some small pieces of white cardstock placed in resealable bag with a dry erase marker
Show Me Boards: A Simple Idea for Informal Assessment
a child's room with stairs painted on the wall and cartoon stickers on the walls
Bloom's Taxonomy
an image of a rubdle with words on it and the text below that says choose your own
Using Technology to Empower Students With Special Needs
a colorful poster with the words,'critical thinking skills'in different colors and styles
36 Question Stems Framed Around Bloom's Taxonomy
a pyramid with the words bloom's taxony on it
a poster explaining the steps to applying bloom's taxionyry in your classroom
Homepage - Educators Technology
a poster with some words on it that are in different colors and font, including the word
::.. Resources for Teachers, Parents and Pupils ..::
a poster with some words on it that are in different colors and font, including the word
::.. Resources for Teachers, Parents and Pupils ..::
an exit ticket with the words sticky notes written on it and a hand holding a magnifying glass
a sign that says, 32 list things you remember from the lesson give 2 examples of what you learned write i question you have or something you are confused about
A Formative Assessment Option - Mandy Neal | Formative assessment, Classroom assessment, Teaching
A formative assessment strategy 3-2-1 | Teaching With Simplicity
several colored pencils with the words, how to get started at toez informal assignment
Informal Assessments A to Z: A list of Ideas
If you\'re bored with the same informal assessments such as the ticket out the door, check out this list of assessment ideas that are low prep and engaging for your classroom. This blog post includes an A to Z list of ideas for informal assessments with a FREE printable.
a printable worksheet with the words choice board for multiple abilitiess, including music
Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards
three different types of formal and informal text on two separate verticals, each with the same
Formal vs. Informal Assessments bookmark
Reading Teacher bookmark for formal vs. informal assessments quick reference.
an info poster showing the different types of writing and how they are used to write them
Homepage - Educators Technology
A Visual Chart on Summative Vs Formative Assessment | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
a poster with the words quick and easy formats for students to use in their classroom
Quick & Easy Formative Assessments UPDATED
two different types of classroom activities for students to use in their writing and reading skills
Establishing a differentiated, responsive classroom