Georgia Rogers

Georgia Rogers

Georgia Rogers
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I'm more of a closed book

So sad and true! Wished that u knew the animes/manga. I only know kuroko.

You may think no one notices, but trully someone does notice. However, it is up to them to choose to comfort you or walk away.

" You hate people see you cry because you want to look strong at the same time you hate how nobody notices how broken you are"

Full metal alchemist

Train Like you're Trying to Get Your Body Back (Alphonse) - funny workout shirt Fullmetal Alchemist

Run Like The Titans Just Broke Trough The Wall | Activate Apparel

Some Random Pinner Before Me: Oh my…this would be perfect for a cross country team or something like that XD. Me: Or just the poster in front of my treadmill, with some images of some creepy ass titans chowing down on people.

Titans To Kill

Anime: Attack on Titan Titans To Kill I need this,but on one of those workout tank tops because HOLY SHIT