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a living room filled with furniture and wooden floors
an overhead view of a living room with musical instruments and sound lights on the floor
Treat the sound
Reflected sound waves, good and bad, affect the sound you hear, where it comes from, and the quality of the sound when it gets to you. The bad news when it comes to reflected sound is standing waves. ... Standing waves can distort noises 300 Hz and down. These noises include the lower mid frequency and bass ranges.
an overhead view of a room with two speakers on the wall and one door open
a diagram showing the location of an electronic device in a room with two speakers and one speaker
Studio SOS Guide To Monitoring & Acoustic Treatment
a living room filled with lots of furniture and musical instruments on top of hard wood flooring
Blade Studios - Russ Berger Design Group
an office with purple lighting and white furniture
Acoustic Treatment
The Church Studios London - RPG BAD Expo Panels & Spigo Acoustic Wood - available from Acoustic GRG #acoustics #recordingstudio
a drum set up in the middle of a room with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling
Studios 301 Sydney - Intro | Australia | Recording Studios
a desk with a laptop, monitor and speakers on it in front of a large screen
Soundrooms - J U A N   D U S S Á N   |   Media Composer, NYC...
a recording studio with sound equipment and lights
Show me your studio - No setup too small!