Design Suites, Autocad

In Mission 5 of the Apocalypse Trigger you’ll use Autodesk Showcase to visualize an AutoCAD model of an ancient artifact. You begin by sending the model from AutoCAD to Showcase using the Suite Workflows.

In Mission 4 of the Apocalypse Trigger you use parametric constraints in AutoCAD 2013 to accurately and efficiently create the doors and windows for an elevation of a bell tower.

In Mission 3 of the Apocalypse Trigger you’ll use Raster tools to convert data from an old map of Fort Laramie to real AutoCAD objects. The first step is to convert the color map to a bitonal image using the.

The Apocalypse Trigger: Mission 2

In Mission 1 of the Apocalypse Trigger, you use AutoCAD 2013 to create model documentation.

The Apocalypse Trigger

Documenting Models: Part 8

Documenting Models: Part 7

Last time, we started talking about the different types of sections you can create with the tools in AutoCAD new Layout tab.

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