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Gené Van Pletzen
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Animas sick day protocol - good device for remembering to check every 4 hours, up insulin if necessary, 10 carbs per hour to stay hydrated if appetite is poor (for our toddler's weight), and keep checking for ketones.

Sick Day ---Getting sick can cause extreme problems for those with diabetes as it can cause extreme highs or lows in your blood sugar without realizing it, causing you to get seriously ill, which is why you should take extra caution and care in managing.

These things rewire your brain

Thank you-- These are Real Brain Problems. people that don't struggle with these issues don't understand. This compilation of brain scans of patients diagnosed with various psychological problems are compared with those who don't

Well, this was the most awful experience I have been through. 12 bowel resections later... I hope I never see sepsis on my medical chart!

Scared of sepsis? Prevent it by washing your hands regularly, keeping your vaccines currents, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle! Click over to this Okeechobee health care infographic to get more advice about preventing sepsis and protecting you