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many balconies are attached to the side of a building
Classic architectural details + modern twist: Dining room by Tom Scheerer
an ornate building with many windows and lights
Metal Garden Trellis Heavy Duty Plant Support Trellis Panel Screens
Antoni Gaudi homes-out-of-the-ordinary
the large stained glass window in the cathedral has many different colors and shapes on it
The Sacred: Rose Window in La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.
a tall building with many balconies and windows
Barcelona Photoblog
Barcelona- the most beautiful city I have ever seen! All the Architecture designed by Gaudi is like it has been taken out of a fairy tale!
colorful tiles are arranged in an intricate pattern
Detail from a Gaudi Mosaic, Barcelona
Detail from a Gaudi Mosaic, Barcelona
many colorful vases with designs on them are lined up against the same color as each other
The Painted Bench
Mosaic in Parc Güell, Barcelona Actually, I think this is the Palau de Musica
an aerial view of the cathedral in barcelona, spain
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona