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Sambo and Judo famous takedown - O-Uchi-Gari
I like how this Ukrainian coach adopts different Sambo techniques to Judo and Jiu-jitsu #wrestling #bjj #judo
Try this wrist preparation . Click the link in bio to follow our instagram
Как правильно и как неправильно
Учимся вместе!
The camp built by Habib in mountains
The episode of training grid in the camp built by Habib Nurmagomedov in the mountains near Mahachkala #ufc #mma #sambo
How many men can you take down
#judo #throw #martialarts #workout #training #sparring
TikTok · Judo_Boec
Armlock! BJJ | Wrestling | UFC | MMA | Jiu | Nogi
Mackachev favourite combo
In the video reigning UFC Lightweight champ shows his favourite combo of throw and knee shot
Já era!
3 level of Seoi Nage
"Success in wrestling determines not with raw strength" wonderful words
Guys watch this video on a wrestlers of Dagestan to get some tips what you must do to increase your power.
Seoi Nage performance from different stances