p320191_1 Universal phone sport armband available in various colours

Neoprene phone armband to place your phone during jogging or other sports activities. Fits all common phones for example: iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy and HTC one. Including pocket to store your keys and earbuds.

p308751_1 XD design USB Hub available in various colours

Portable USB hub with 4 USB ports that the amount of USB ports on your laptop or computer.

P317303-Large Tega multimedia set

The XD Design Tego multimedia set includes a 4 in 1 connection cable and a solar powered battery, both with iPhone Micro and Mini USB output, and USB input. The set also includes a 4 GB USB and a 2 in 1 stylus pen.

Chocolate fondue set available from www.geminioctopus.com

The Cocoa chocolate fondue set from XD-Design includes 4 sticks and a tea light. Use it for a cozy party with friends or at the end of a romantic dinner. Make dessert even better with the Cocoa chocolate fondue set.

p28015_3 XD design Solar wallet charger

Pretty awesome wallet designed by XD Design. This wallet not only holds your money but also charges your phone and also has a USB input.

p221042_1 XD Design Multitool

SURVIVOR Self-sufficiency in your pocket: this tool turns an emergency into a triumph.

p323203_3 XD Design Tab solar charger

Tab is a multifunctional solar charger with a powerful 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It doesn’t only charge your phone or tablet but due to the unique shape it also holds your device.

p323003_4 XD Design sunshine solar charger

The Sunshine Solar Charger by XD Design brings solar energy to your desk with a smile! This sleek solar charger will juice up your devices in style.