Gemgem Boxes

Gemgem Boxes
South Africa / Gembox is a baby and pregnancy box that sends our users the best products from top brands, vouchers and one or two other special surprises! ♥
Gemgem Boxes
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Gummy Bear Layer Cake

Colorful Gummy Bear Layer Cake - I just have to share this! Gummy bear all over a cake . This can really be an addiction so if you have kids at home, keep it out of their reach!

Water Birth

Beautiful baby after natural birth. "His cord is clamped because this photo was taken over an hour after he was born and we had moved from the birthing pool to a bathtub for an herbal bath." This makes me want to cry, the most beautiful baby.

Baby fashionista

Baby fashionista style: printed scarf with a simple white top and black leggings. Maybe I can find one for me and Lil' Princess and I can match!