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a table and bench made out of wood with a tree in the middle on top
Modern Restaurant Design : Tartinery Nolita by Michel Abboud
an outdoor dining area in front of a building with large windows and plants on the side
public place
Sidewalk patio by D-Crain. Visit the boards >>
two people are sitting at a table in an office with glass walls and flooring
A Doubleshot of TNT Express' New Offices | Office Snapshots
TNT 11-1
an empty room with black cabinets and white counter tops
Office Solvas / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten
Hidden cupboards by Graux & Bayens. Nice office space.
the lobby is lit up with white lights and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
New in Toronto real estate: Lumen Condos
Lumen Condos #light
there is a sign that says information on the wall and below it are some stairs
Generator Hostel, London
Generator Hostel London 02 Generator Hostel, London
an empty room with glass walls and flowers in the vase on the counter top next to it
JPC Architects' Bellevue Architecture Offices | Office Snapshots
JPC Architects Bellevue Architecture Offices
a person sitting at a table in an office with large glass doors on the wall
Coworking Space - WeWork Soma, San Francisco, USA
an orange shipping container is in the middle of a room with white walls and black floors
Modern Office - Javier Quinteiro | Plastolux
Modern Office – Javier Quinteiro
two people are sitting at a table in an office with brightly colored furniture and large glass walls
Modern Modular Carpet Tile - Ontera | Plastolux
Modern Modular Carpet Tile – Ontera