estercaligirl on fleek

estercaligirl on fleek

we get so worried about being pretty , let's be pretty kind,pretty strong , pretty funny , pretty strong
estercaligirl on fleek
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Please. Stop already

Okay my OTP better show up again at like some point or I may die! I mean really Luke better come back Alive so him and Thalia can live happily ever after!<-- Lol, I am Lucky, Percabeth is my Percy Jackson OTP XD

Captain Jack Sparrow, ladies and gents. Cracking me up every time!!  #piratesofthecaribbean #fandom

Jack Sparrow being funny; - A chance to do the right thing. I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by. I love pirates of the caribbean :D

Pirates of the Caribbean, pinned specifically for my sister!

Pirates Of The Caribbean. I love Johnny Depp especially in pirates. I love his facial expressions and sass.