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A ring of salt will protect you. Of course it will! Sherlock, Winchester, Wicca, Book Of Shadows, Supernatural, Love, The Words, Lockwood And Co, Tarot
A ring of salt will protect you. Of course it will!
the protection sign example for safe travel for family is shown in blue, yellow and orange
How To Make a Protection Sigil
Making a protection sigil involves taking an intention or goal, and simplifying it into a symbol or design. There are a variety of protection sigil creation methods, but the most common are pictorial, magic squares, magic circles, automatic writing, and word sigils. Remember, there’s no wrong way to create a protection sigil! Create what feels natural to you and let your intuition influence you. Experiment with different types of sigils to find what works best for you! #peculiartips
the cover for protection sigil harnesss the magic of ancient symbols, with two birds on top
Protection Sigil: Harness the Magic of Ancient Symbols
A protection sigil is a very personal form of magic and can represent different meanings or intentions. This is what makes designing a sigil so fun! Depending on your witchcraft beliefs or spiritual practice, you can also include symbols used throughout history (Norse, Celtic, Greek, Enochian, Wiccan, etc.) to create the perfect magic sigil for you! Protection sigils are often used in rituals, spells, and ceremonies to create a sacred space for the spiritual practitioner(s). #peculiartips
a bunch of necklaces that are on top of an open book
Witchy Decor, Fairy Lights In A Jar, Witch Spell, Witch Hat, Doorbell
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Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing
silverwitch: Photo
silverwitch: Photo
Spell of Protection Spells For Beginners, Magick Spells, Spell Book, Rituals
Spell of Protection