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Garth van Rensburg

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Garth van Rensburg
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Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. - Yoda | op: #unsplash

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

Shine on.  | op: #unsplash

Discover the surreal world of Jakrta-based graphic designer Jati Putra, made out of inception-like landscapes and cityscapes, where giant jellyfish fly over mou

A wireless floating speaker, I must have this!

Listen to your music while lounging by the pool with this wireless floating speaker. Using a high powered 900 MHz signal, the floating speaker can deliver high quality sound from a long distance, and can be synced up with other floating wireless speakers.

Waterproof speakers play music and create sound ripples.

LOTUS Floating Speaker Concept by Lim Loren is a Bluetooth speaker that syncs along with your smartphones and devices, to provide sublime auditory satisfaction although…

Stereoluxe Vintage Radio with Dock Speaker for iPhone and iPod Touch

Stereoluxe AM/FM Radio and Dock. Overview:* A sleek and stylish classic sound system with modern functionality and a vintage-inspired design* Integrated universal dock for your iPod or iPhone for playing and charging* Analog Am/FM radio tuner* Portabl