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there are many desserts in cups on the plate
Dirty Girl Scouts (Adult only pudding shot)
Pudding shots made with irish cream and creme de menthe liqueur. These are so good...If you like the mint girl scout cookies, you'll love this one.. ..I had this at a Bridal shower a few weeks ago.. I'll be making this one for St Patricks Day...
a glass filled with a drink and topped with a pineapple
Easy Pina Coladas
Easy Pina Coladas For Adults Only
a glass bowl filled with gummy bears next to a bottle
Adults ONLY gummies
two blue and red drinks sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Bomb Pops Drink ADULTS ONLY
three desserts on a plate with raspberries in them
15 Dessert Pudding Shots & Bridal Shooters for your Wedding!
Pudding Dessert Shots
three glasses filled with blue liquid sitting on top of a table next to each other
Jello Aquariums
Jello Aquariums **You can also soak the fish gummies in alcohol :) try a different flavour than the Jell-O shot
a hand is picking up some plastic straws from a container filled with colored liquids
Party Favor Idea: Mad Scientist Jello Shot Syringes
Mad Scientist Jell-O Syringes. You have no idea how awesome this is! X D
a close up of a glass with liquid and food in it
Alcoholic Drinks You Can Make to Impress Your Friends... Or Cocktails You Can Use to Gross Out Your Friends?!
Fun entertainment drinks! brain hemorrage shooter
four desserts on a white plate with apples in the backgroung,
Caramel Apple Cake Shooters | The Cake Blog
Caramel apple cake shooters
four shots in small glasses with whipped cream and shamrock toppings on the top one is green
Shamrock Shake Shooters - add some creme de menthe to the milkshake batch if you so desire
two bottles of smirnoff on a table next to some marshmallows
31 Alcoholic Desserts
31 Alcoholic Desserts - From Beer-Infused Cupcakes to Smoretini Shooters (CLUSTER)
two glasses filled with whipped cream and chocolate
Mexican Chocolate Shooters | RECIPE CORNER
Mexican Chocolate Shooters Recipe
an ice cream sundae in a glass on a wooden table next to wine glasses
Dessert Shooters (alcohol optional). Bailey's Chocolate Chocolate Shooter.
there are six glasses with different colored liquids in them on a tray that is sitting on a table
Frozen Chocolate Dream Shooters
Frozen Chocolate Dream Shooters (virgin)
three glasses filled with raspberry milkshakes on top of a wooden table
Chilled Raspberry Shooters Recipe | I Can Cook That
Chilled Raspberry Shooters (non-alcoholic - cranberry juice, sugar, fresh raspberries, french vanilla yogurt, whipped topping)