I love dragons and animals,i also love to draw and play minecraft
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When ever I am sad, I just look at this photo. The sad thing is, this photo just makes me more sad because I really want my own little leopard gecko!

i will love you always and i will get away with anything because i lepard gecko have the smile!

Many people think that a Leopard Geckos natural habitat is a sandy desert with sand dunes for miles, when actually their real habitat is rocky scrub deserts and sparse grasslands. Please, Don't use sand as a substrate for your Leo. They can ingest it and get compacted. This includes calcium sand as well. As an example: at the beach, to make a sand castle you make it moist to make it clump together and stick kinda like clay right? Imagine that in your gecko when they ingest sand.

Do not give your leopard gecko sand as substrate! Use reptile carpet or paper towels instead! Share this if you want to save leopard gecko lives! Do not put leopard geckos in sand!

If Looks Could Kill | Gid Ferrer

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ If looks could kill by Gid Ferrer on This is what a normal Leopard Gecko eye looks like. Each one has a unique look and the veins really pop out when seen up close.