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Skyrim - Serana by on @DeviantArt

Go ahead and change the black chick to a Wood Elf and HERE YE GO, NATEY.XP living with three women.

Skyrim: Soft Spot by on @deviantART

Aventus Aretino used Puppy Eyes It was super effective! And this is how Bron got tangled with the Dark Brotherhood. Being an opportunistic thief and all, that dark back-stabby stuff is really not h.


Lots of people dream of owning a Ferrari and for good reason. Ferrari was committed to building one less car than there was demand for- this has resulted in a succession of very successful models.

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Funny Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog – 16 Pics Tried so hard not to laugh in the middle of work. This so reminds me of moon moon

9 Skyrim Secrets You Probably Didn't Find - IGN

Hidden jails, Choose Your Own Adventure books, infinite arrows and more are all hiding within the world of Skyrim.