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Could be built with shipping containers, luciano kruk forms MR house of folded concrete and wooden louvers - Peterson Atlantic 68 Tobacco Pipe - Fishtail, $144.00 ( - Peterson Dublin Castle 68 Tobacco Pipe, $108.00 (
This poker (usually a more, shall we say, folksy looking shape), is about as elegant as a poker (or any pipe) can be.  Two words: Paolo. Becker.
For the last days of summer weve got fresh pipes from Martelo Benni Jorgensen and Tom Eltang.
Radice: "Radice" Bent Apple
`Vintage Smoking Pipes - Daddy smoked one for a time.  Usually left sitting on the mantel.
Vintage Large Luxury 12 Tobacco Pipe Holder by FloridaFinders, $30.00
Never smoked anything legal out of a pipe, but I find this to be pretty awesome.