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pink flowers and green leaves on a white background
"Painted King Proteas on Cream " Sticker for Sale by micklyn
the needle is next to some green thread and a piece of fabric with a pine tree on it
two pictures with the word gum written on them and moss covered plates in different colors
Meticulously Stitched & Needle-Felted Embroideries Remind Us to 'Chill'
a woman holding a black purse with colorful designs on it
Lizzie Fortunato - Pool Girls Safari Clutch
a person holding up a embroidery hoop with flowers on it and the letter c in the middle
a hand is holding a cross - stitch pattern with flowers on it and the letter k in the middle
Irresistible Embroidery Patterns, Designs and Ideas
a small embroidery project with mountains and an orange sun
the embroidery pattern is colorful and has flowers on it
someone is stitching a flower on the back of a pair of denim jeans with a needle
DIY: Hand Embroidered Denim - Lauren Conrad