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Woosh water is reinventing the drinking fountain and it keeps track of how much you reduce your plastic consumption.  Innovative and amazing!

Water conservation is obviously a huge concern in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. An interesting startup called Woosh Water is helping conserve water and reduce plastic use by reinventing the public drinking fountain with a high-tech solution.

Refresh vending machines filters, flavours, carbonates and bottles water on the spot.

Young college investors back vending machine

Where do I buy you?!

The TAPI by Dreamfarm turns any faucet into drinking fountain! Just attach the rubber nipple to any faucet, squeeze and voila! You have a very colorful inexpensive water fountain. Would be good for kids bathroom.

Now all I need is a lake!

Cabana Islander Lounge freaking a thats awesome. I want.

backseat inflatable bed.

Inflatable car bed for those long trips.where has this been all my life love sleeping on long trips. I know u live sleeping

Drinking Water Filters Home Purification Filtration Water Filter by ZERO WATER

Zero Water 23 Cup Dispenser with Free TDS Meter Water Pitcher Filtration at The Home Depot