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Benedict Cumberbatch. @Dakota Stuart Stuart Potter

The thing is.I saw this before I watched Sherlock and I didn't think it was funny. Now I've come across it again after I've seen all of Sherlock and I am dying right now, that's totally what happened.<<I haven't seen Sherlock and still find it funny.

Haha, yes.

The rhyme and rhythm are a bit wibbly-wobbly at times, but it's pretty cool. Only like the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter and LOTR (and The Hobbit) verses though.

LET'S DO THIS AGAIN THIS YEAR!!  Spread it around so we can do this!!!

After The Impossible Astronaut Day, let's make Bad Wolf Day a thing! Gotta remember this because I FORGOT the silence day thing!

This would've been perfect

Avengers would have been a lot shorter if Odin had sent Frigga instead of Thor. I admit I would love to have seen Loki get pulled back to Asgard by an ear.<==I would've loved it much more than the actual Avengers movie

Yup. Buying.

LORDE OF THE RINGS tee. This shirt is a must. I love it when people take modern things like the song "Royals" and then give it a must needed makeover, like making it a lord of the rings parody.