Looks like the snail wants to burst the water bubble

Tale of Nature: Magical World Of Snails Captured In Macro Photography from Vyacheslav Mishchenko. Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is passionat

Plant in a water bubble

Davide Detlef Arienti - Perl - The Last Contention (Epic Music Emotional.

Drops of water on colour pages

This is nature at it's best. The colours of the peacocks feather are amazing, and they really bring out the colours in the water droplets.

Its some kind of elution the mirror makes it looks like the girl does not have a body

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection. self-portrait of photographer Laura Williams, an artist from Cambridge, UK. The mirror illusion was achieved in post-production using Photoshop with the idea of being ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’.