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Francois Slabbert

Francois Slabbert
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Wedding picture? I think YES

Sexy Sauce pic of the night! Everyone have a awesome sleep! sure thing. have a cameraman in your room wedding night? Doesn't he have a single brother that can do this!

send to groom before the wedding!

Pre-wedding shot to send to the groom - in case he gets nervous ;) I love this idea.even if it wasn't a pre-wedding shot, it's a good idea for that special someone in your life

Beautiful!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Love this sweet photo underneath the bride's veil.I'm not gonna have a veil, just a blusher, for my wedding. However, I might need to get myself a giant fake veil just to attempt our own version of this pose😍👍

a "sexy" picture, for the groom's eyes only :)

Great idea - book of photos in your bridal lingerie to give to the groom on the morning of the wedding! - lingerie us, lingerie for men, lingerie cloths

Giving the groom sexy photos for a wedding gift. Nothing says "I'm so glad I married you" quite like evidence that you posed half naked for someone OTHER than HIM to take pictures. So not romantic. Just don't.

Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot For The Groom! - I like this idea - you could have it waiting for him the morning of the wedding as a heres what you get tonight