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a pink background with white stars and the words if it is good for you, it will happen
pink muslim wallpaper
for my muslim girlies 💓 if yall want more of these kind of lockscreen tell me n.n
an arabic text that reads, wish for a lasting love the love tasted, but the lover left
an arabic poem written in two languages on white paper with black writing and the words i will ask god to see you twice, once here and once in the paradise
an arabic text on white paper with black and white writing in the middle, which reads'will you wait for him? until when? until god wants us to meet
an arabic text that reads it was a dream to be with you, it was a prayer
the quote is written in black and white on a piece of paper that reads it's written when you stop trying to find the right one
an arabic quote on white paper with black writing in the middle, and a woman's beauty isn't seen, it is discovered
Quotes Deep Meaningful Arabic
arabic quotes islamic beauty sayings tattoo tattoos woman inspirational wisdom english favorite words muslim
the words in arabic are written on white paper with black writing, and there is no image
Arabic quotes with English translation