Jamie Friedberg

Jamie Friedberg

Jamie Friedberg
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— Daniel Farò

Kitchens need to be cosy, comforting, glam, inspiring, hard-working and practical. These are the most inspiring kitchens I’ve come across t…

Le Diplomate menu

Menu design is a delicate art form. Like a soufflé, it’s easy to get wrong, and like all cooking, it requires the balance of perfect seasoning. - 3 Fail-proof Tips for Designing the Perfect Menu, AIGA Eye on Design

Mason's menu

Modernized nostalgia meets French-ified Southern food in a system of grids, creating a gorgeous pasture for the flora and fauna of each section.

The Painted Pin menu

The Painted Pin, masculine chic. Nice inspiration for menu.

Le Zoo Menu by DeVicq Design

Take a look at these restaurant menu designs that look good enough to eat! BarcelonaShop brings a chalkboard art approach to this pizza