frozen lemon souffle.

Frozen Lemon Souffle

Not only is it gluten free and delicious, but as martha stewart says, "A frozen souffle may sound fancy, but the techniques involved are quite simple. We topped this one with raspberries, but any ripe berries would be delicious.

Passion Fruit Panacotta | Recipes | The Pretty Blog

Passion Fruit Pannacotta

Passion Fruit Pannacotta to end off a delicious Valentine's meal Photographer: Adams Adams Seccombe, Recipe, testing & preparation: Sonck Sonck van der Merwe, Styling: Pearce Pearce Pretorius

Raspberries in a raspberry sauce, crushed meringues, and whipped cream. Fun dessert for a dinner party.

Eton Mess

Barefoot Contessa's Eton Mess: red berries, whipped cream, and crushed meringues - all layered into tall dessert glasses. It’s absolutely delicious, elegant, AND happens to be gluten-free.

sticky toffee pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding: a warm, soft, sweet cake soaked in toffee sauce & served with vanilla ice had me at hot, sweet, & sticky!

Lychee pomegranate panacotta

Lychee pomegranate Lychee panna cotta: 1 large can lychees in syrup cup ml) milk cup ml) cream 3 tbsp sugar 1 sheets gelatin panacottaPomegranate jelly: 100 ml pomegranate juice 1 sheet gelatin 1 pomegranate

Peer-Malva Poeding

Malva pudding is surely one of our favourites. Add tinned pears and turn it into a completely new treat.

Fluweel-poeding | SARIE | Velvet pudding

Fluweelpoeding, Die naam beskryf dit so goed – sag en romerig.