Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria / Tswane, SA: Jacaranda city where the streets are lined with more than 15000 fully grown jacaranda trees that turn the streets of the older parts of the city purple in October.

Pretoria, Jakarandastad, South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa -Jacaranda trees in bloom. Students believe that if a blossom falls on their heads, they will pass their exams.

Marais Street, Pretoria @África do Sul

Jacaranda trees in bloom, Pretoria, South Africa. When I lived there I remember the whole city looking like this in season. Pretoria is known as Jacaranda city.

Pretoria, South Africa

Nnamdi Kanu, pioneer of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), avowed that the individual in the nation is not Muhammadu Buhari, asserting that the Nigerian government contracted another person to remain in for the president. "The man you are

A summer thunderstorm in Pretoria, South Africa. Just magnificent!!

A summer thunderstorm in Pretoria, South Africa. Just magnificent!


Escudo de Pretoria, Gauteng// Coat of Pretoria, Gauteng// Wapen van Pretoria, Gauteng

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