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Infographic: AUDIO FORMATS COMMONLY USED IN TRANSCRIPTION: A basic overview of common sound file formats submitted for projects to online transcription services. #iScribed #transcription

Hire iScribed professional and executive transcription services online! Fast, accurate and affordable transcription and translation guaranteed.

acoustic guitar eq

I found this really handy picture that breaks down the acoustic guitar EQ. Each frequency range corresponds to a specific character in the acoustic guitar.

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Here's a step by step tutorial about how to EQ vocals including a frequency chart and everything is made easy with a video tutorial, learn how to get the best settings fo.

How to make piano chords, how to read chord symbols, and lots of ways to use chords to make your piano playing more amazing than ever.

Are piano chords (those little letters above the staff) a complete mystery for you? Find out how to crack the code and add awesome to your piano playing.

Thought it would be cool, and useful to collect useful charts. These first ones are to do with audio [sound] frequencies. Another chart type of these charts that are targeting mixing engineers: For...

Understanding the frequency range of instruments for better recording mixes: Interactive Frequency Chart - Move the cursor over the frequency chart for more info on spectrum data and instrument data (Independent Recording Network)

Kick-Drum-EQ.png (1156×696)

png - BTV Professional Music Production Software works as a standalone application or with your DAW as a VST or AU plugin (optional).

Bass Eq Tutorial – Get Your Bass Sound To Sit Well In A Mix

Here's a great Bass Eq Tutorial that will help you Get Your Bass Sound To Sit Well In A Mix and make your songs sound professional like your favorite o.

METAL GUITAR EQ - Google Search

Here is a tutorial about mixing electric guitar, learn how to use an equalizer, compressor, modulation and other effects to help your electric guitar sit well in a mix.