Francois Van Niekerk

Francois Van Niekerk

Francois Van Niekerk
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honestly, i spend today missing you, and that is how i will probably spend tomorrow and the day after that and probably all the days after that too and probably will miss you as long as there is breath in my body.

I miss you

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I'll always remember you.

Stargazing Night at the Newark Reservoir. Come out and enjoy the night sky over the Newark Reservoir. See the wonders of the universe as you have never seen them before through a telescope.

Santorini Sunset

With picturesque white-washed villages teetering on the edge of an extinct volcanic caldera, multi-coloured beaches of volcanic sand, and some of the most stunning sunsets in the world, Santorini provides romantic sundowner spots aplenty.

You have a five day holiday in the magic island of Santorini. Explore the breathtaking views, enjoy the golden sunset, and swim at the deep blue waters. Santorini is the ideal place to live your holiday of your dreams.