Janis Joplin's Porsche (a 1965 356 Cabriolet). She bought it in September 1968 at the height of the era of flower power, and had it hand painted by a friend. She still owned it at the time of her death in October This was part of the Psychedelic Exhi

Just imagine driving Porsche's first model, an open topped vintage roadster. That would be really awesome! Maintain history's sports car as important as Porsche models, it will be a great deal of help in providing information for the next generations.

There is nothing more striking that a Lamborghini Aventador dressed in all black. The seductive shade of the night is brilliant when paired with this raging bull...

I need to do this...Professional house cleaners spill their 10 best-kept secrets to save time & effort. 1 most definitely liked was how to remove grease/dirt build up from kitchen cabinets. Say to clean cabinets, heat slightly damp sponge/cloth in micr

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