Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa / Graphic Designer
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Miller & Co identity by James Fitzgerald

love the shapes, simple use of colour. think it would look with neutral colours as well as the blush pink we are considering (with grey and black aswell) by miller & Co

Watch this artist reinvent the way you will look at animals and illustration by remixing them both with geometric art.

He Draws Wild Animals Fused With Geometric Shapes And The Intricacy Is Amazing!

Kerby Rosanes

Artist Kerby Rosanes aka Sketchy Stories created an intricate series of illustrations titled "Geometric Beasts," where animals seem to break out of their geometric bodies.

Temporary Tattoo - Micro Geometric Shapes

You always mix isosceles and equilateral triangles? Ok, don't worry, noone will know when they gaze at your geometric beauties. This design is part of our Set Micro.

brick mural / wallpaper --- You don't need a brick wall to achieve your dream lofty interior. Take a look at this brick effect wallpaper as a stunning alternative.