Movement systems to bring your Kitchen to life

Collection by Franci Furniture Fittings

Franci Furniture Fittings
Shoe Rack Pull-out from Franci Furniture Fittings. For optimizing your shoe closet and ensuring your shoes are neatly stacked away. Side mounting makes it ideal for stacking shoe racks upon each other.

Counter Bin from Franci Furniture Fittings is ideal for bar counters as an ice bucket or as a counter bin near a prep bowl for vegetable shavings when preparing your favourite dishes.

The Sige Quadrifoglio waste bin from Franci Furniture Fittings has been designed with a system that has multiple bin units for optimal recycling.

Vegetable baskets from Franci Furniture Fittings are a must in any modern kitchen. Its chrome finish is hard wearing and easy to clean. A ball bearing slide makes sure that all movements are smooth.

The Sige pull-out shelf from Franci Furniture Fittings was designed to optimize your grocery cupboard creating space and comfort. It comes with a load capacity and a smooth soft-closing system.

Spice pull-outs from Franci Furniture Fittings, a must in every kitchen. The and three tier spice pull-outs are side mounted. Our newly designed spice bottle rack is centre mounted.

Quaturis S from Franci Furniture Fittings. It all comes down to cornering technology. What racing drivers have known for a long time is becoming ever more important for kitchen planning.

The stylish chrome plated Lazy Susan from Franci Furniture Fittings, with its adjustable centre pole mounting and two tier storage capability assists in the difficult to reach areas in a corner unit.

This unique, sleek shelf mounted carousel system, from Franci Furniture Fittings, creates an elegant look and feel to corner units.