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Beautiful Paper Proteas made by Karoo-Rosie Handmade. Order yours now

Beautiful Paper Proteas made by Karoo-Rosie Handmade. Order yours now

freshly found - Whitewashed Paper Proteas

I am always on the lookout for treasures. When I find someone’s beautiful handiwork, that has been forgotten or has never had a chance to shine, I am so delighted to give it a moment! Tapestry Cushion Covers These gorgeous tapestries had never been framed when I came across them. The pretty pink floral one was pre-stitched, waiting to be filled with background stitch. But I felt the textured weave of the canvas looked good as it was, and so made it up into a cushion cover that way How I…

journey along an ordinary life: Paper Protea - improved - the tutorial for this Protea is on my board, but the connection for the tutorial is also on this page.

Paper Protea - improved

Eventually I found a reference for the paper protea - see earlier post - and so discovered what was missing from the one I made up. As Matthew said: Now it looks like a protea. I have added a tutorial on how to fold this protea. You will find it on:

freshly found

Beetroot Beauty

Beetroot dyeing is quite a beautiful experience. From Slicing the vegetable, extracting the colour and then infusing the paper petals with the pigment - it evokes a lot of visual colour-rich emotion! Each batch of beetroot dyed paper turns out a slightly different shade of pinky red - with undertones of blue through to yellow. The colour fades naturally with time, so these vegetable dyed blooms have to be kept out of direct light to preserve their colour. If you would like some beetroot…

I Love This and That: paper protea

paper protea

I love these paper flowers, and they are so easy to make! All you really have to do is to get out and pick up a few branches, then dig in yo...