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1950's Mid Century Modern, Atomic era prints, patterns and textiles.
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a yellow and black pattern with lines on it
Roger Nicholson/David Whitehead Furnishing fabric UK 1951
an abstract rug with various shapes and colors
Celebrating Comfort & Personal Style | Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Joseph Frank, 1960.
an abstract painting with various shapes and sizes on a yellow background that is very similar to the same fabric
Shelley Davies, Artist and Illustrator
1950's print, Lucienne Day.
a blue and beige rug with squares on it steht zum Verkauf
‘Design 102′, Frank Lloyd Wright, textile, 1957.
a green tie with red, yellow and blue hearts on it
Rare and Fabulous 1950s Towelling Fabric.
1950's phone print towelling.
a blue and white abstract painting on fabric
1950's Atomic/space age barkcloth print.
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes, including leaves on the bottom half of it
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1950's print.
a blue rug with an acoustic guitar on it
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1950's barkcloth print with guitars
an abstract painting with yellow and black circles on white paper, which has been drawn by hand
Lucienne Day
Lucienne Day, 1950's print.
an abstract painting with yellow, red and black lines on a white background is shown
1950s Atomic textile design
an image of a colorful pattern on fabric that looks like something out of the movie
1950's print fabric.
an abstract painting with black, red and blue shapes on green background by artist person
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'Mirage', fabric print by Robert Stewart, 1954.
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers and leaves on it, in various colors
1950's barkcloth curtain print.
a blue and yellow rug with various shapes on it
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Lapis, print, Lucienne Day, 1953.