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Flappers, fantastical fashion, blocks of colour, inspired lines.
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a painting of a woman holding an umbrella in the rain with daisies on it
Erté -Fashion Illustrations (seasons) 1
Spring Rain, Erté
an old book cover with a woman leaning against a wall and the title capt billy's whiz bang
Captain Billy's Whiz Bang 1924
a magazine cover with a woman holding a cat
Smart Set 1926-05
Smart Set 1926
the national money saving style book, spring / summer 1934 by new york city press
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The National Money Saving Style Book 1924
a woman sitting on top of a lizard next to a palm tree and wearing stockings
Film Fun 1924
a woman in a bathing suit sitting on the ground with an orange umbrella behind her
Film Fun, magazine, 1924.
an old fashion illustration of a woman holding a banana
Italian Perfume Advertising Postcard c.1925
a painting of a woman in a dress with hearts on her chest and arms behind her back
MINT! 1920s Deco Bridge Tally Valentine Party Flapper Hearts
Adorable 1920s valentine bridge tally illustration.
a woman in a red dress holding a fan with her right hand and the sun above her head
I was a fragrant phantom, wasn't I?
Erte, The Fragrant Phantom
an image of a woman in black and white dress with her hand on her hip
a woman with red hair wearing a blue dress and pearls is standing in front of a flowered background
More lovely ladies on bridge tallies
These are images from 1920s/30s bridge score cards and tallies. Who would have thought bridge could be an outlet for such inspired designs and and fantastical flights of fancy with fashion?!
an ornament shaped like a woman in a dress with flowers and hearts on it
The Paper Collector
Cute bridge tally
a woman sitting on top of a red flower wearing a green dress and black shoes
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Inspired poinsettia dress, bridge tally image.
an illustration of two women walking in the snow
Paul Allier "Four Seasons" Pochoir
Paul Allier "Four Seasons" Pochoir... fantastical fashion....