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a black and white photo of a statue of jesus holding the cross in front of a building
Evaldo Alves🇧🇷 Jesus Cristo😘
a person in the air with their arms outstretched above clouds and sun shining through them
Ascension Day
a painting of jesus standing in front of a group of people
Jesus Christ preaching by midjourney
a black and white drawing of jesus carrying the cross
a painting of jesus walking down a dirt road with other men in robes behind him
jesus sitting in a chair with his arms outstretched
a painting of jesus resting on the ground with his arms folded over his chest and eyes closed
a man sitting on top of a throne surrounded by clouds
a painting of jesus sitting on top of a hill with his hands folded in prayer
jesus in garden images
jesus sitting in the water with his hands clasped to his chest and looking up at the sky
jesus holding a heart in his hands with the light shining through it's eyes