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Kyoto Garden Sushi

Kyoto Review | Sushi Restaurant in Gardens

We have become very accustomed to half price sushi here in Cape Town. The problem is that very often half the price, comes with half the quality. Many people don’t even realise what high quality

Spier Wine Estate Review

Spier Wine Estate Review

The other day, I was asked how much I knew about Spier Wine Farm. “I’ve been to Spier before. I went to a market there. And I had my graduation there. Lot’s of trees. Yeah,

The Taj Expression Series Review

The Taj Expression Series at Mint

The Taj Expression Series Review


Spiro's Review | Hout Bay Restaurant

I wrote a long intro. I liked it. It made me giggle. But with the amount of food I am about to take you through, a long intro wouldn’t be appreciated. Spiro’s is an Authentic Greek

Cafe Paradiso

Cafe Paradiso Review | Kloof Street Restaurant

I bought Café Paradiso! Yay! It’s mine! I am converting it back into a house and I shall live in it, very happily, for many years to come. That’s what I dreamt about after going there

Delicious Deliveries

Delicious Deliveries Review | FoodBlogCT

“Men think women dream about meeting the perfect man; but actually, we dream about eating whatever we want and not getting fat.” So true. Oh how I dream of lazing about, Bloody Mary in hand, while

Beluga Winter Menu 2012

Beluga Review | The Autumn Menu 2012

Beluga. Beluuuuuuuga. BeLUga. BELUUUUUGA! Just the name has people either scowling in resentment or drooling with desire. For a city that is so laid back, it’s managed to become one of Cape Town’s more controversial restaurants

Narona Review

Narona Review | Restaurant in Gardens

The Flatmate came home from work the other night to find on the couch. “Kayli, what’s wrong?” she asked hesitantly. “Nothing” “Umm… Are you sure?” “Yes” “Ok then” she walked towards her room. “I’m hungry but I feel like home cooked

The Quarterdeck V Waterfront

Quarterdeck Review | The Portswood Hotel at the V&A Waterfront

Move over Gareth - there’s a new judge in town. What, you never knew? Yup, I’m one of the new Idols judges. I’m lying. What I really am is a judge in the V&A Waterfront “Master

Den Anker Review

Den Anker Review | V&A Waterfront Restaurant

Last month, the V&A Waterfront approached us with a pretty awesome proposal. They asked us whether we were keen to join a panel of judges and rate fusion dishes that have been entered into the

CinCin Review

CinCin Review | Colosseum Luxury Hotel Restaurant

The other day I drove to the ends of the earth. I had to take my Passport with me. I needed a map. Padkos. I put petrol in my car and checked the tyre pressure.

Primi Piatti V Waterfront

Primi Piatti Waterfront Review | Master of the Trade Routes

“You will gain 20 to 30 pounds” and “No matter how great…there will come a day when it is just a job” were on a list of 25 things you should know before you become

Reubens Restaurant Review V Waterfront

Reubens One&Only Review | Master of the Trade Route Culinary Challenge

To be completely honest, it’s not often that I eat a pie unless it is 3am or I’m incredibly hungover. Especially not a R90 one. But off to Reuben’s I went, to try out their

Mykonos Taverna

Mykonos Taverna Greek Buffet | Sea Point Restaurant

Greece does have a few peculiar dishes. I can still remember a show on the Travel Channel where the presenter ate things like tripe soup, cow-lung soup and sea squirt. The things people do for

The Greek Fisherman

The Greek Fisherman Review | V&A Waterfront Restaurant

Cindy Crawford should have stuck to modelling. Britney Spears should have stayed away from the big screen. The Hoff should have… well, I don’t even know what to suggest… My point is that sometimes you

Peddlars Italian Menu

Celebrating Italy at Peddlars in Constantia

As of August, Peddlars on the Bend are celebrating the Italian lifestyle with their very own collection of Italian favourites and incredible wines to accompany those dishes. You can have a look at the menu