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Seeds of Truth
Take Away CupHerb SeedsFood

'Seeds of Truth' Coffee Cups

NATIVE & TRUTH COFFEE have teamed up to transform disposable coffee cups into herb containers, - one takeaway fix at a time. They have reinvented the humble takeaway cup, implanting herb seeds in the protectore

Urban Brandy Cocktail Route

Urban Brandy Cocktail Route | Cape Town - The Cocktails

Launched in honour of South Africa's favourite spirit, and in response to the increasing public demand for brandy in all its guises, the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route is the ultimate experienced-based initiative. The need to cater

Food Trucks Cape Town
Cape TownI Love Food

Cape Town Food Trucks | I love (Food) Trucks

It’s not new, far from it. For people of a certain age, it harks back to happy times, to times of ice-cream trucks and weekly visits from the milk van. Food Trucks existed well before

Consumer Survey: Waiters Grinding Pepper

Grind me more! | Customer's Opinion on Pepper Grinders

It’s a topic that caused a heated debate. Harsh words were said. Punches were thrown. Gangs flocked the streets. All because the simple question was asked about whether or not people liked waiters to grind

Internet Rallies Behind 9-Year-Old Food Blogger

Social Media supports young Blogger to improve food at school!

9 year old food blogger Martha Payne won the Internet’s heart after exposing the quality of her meals at the school’s cafeteria. She began taking photos and wrote full-on reviews of every meal on her

Greek Cuisine at Caffe Villagio

Caffe Villagio | Authentic Greek Cuisine in Cape Town

Life in the town of Ioannina, in northwestern Greece, is synonymous with pungent aromas of freshly baked pastry sheets filled with only the freshest and finest mountain greens, spinach and herbs. Creamy sheep’s milk feta

New Sushi Menu at The Lookout Deck

New Sushi Menu at the Lookout Deck | Hout Bay Restaurant

The Lookout Deck Hout Bay arguably boasts one of the best views in the Western Cape. Situated on the water’s edge in the Hout Bay Harbour, the restaurant boasts breathtaking mountain and ocean views. Last