Succulent Seafood

Enjoy the ocean's bounty. Always choose sustainable!
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Steamed mussels

Whether purchased or picked off the rocks, a pot of steamed mussels is surprisingly quick and easy to make.

Sherry-roasted fish

Marinades grilled fish with tomato mango salsa

3 Easy things to make with a can of tuna

How many of us have cans of tuna gathering dust at the back of our pantry cupboards?

Prawn bake with feta and fennel-chilli butter

Prawn bake with feta and fennel-chilli butter - To be enjoyed al fresco, with a glass of chilled wine and sourdough bruschetta to wipe up the sauce.

Grilled calamari rings

Grilled calamari rings - Calamari needn't be rubbery, you just have to know how to treat it. Enjoy this tender grilled version at home.

Prawn, calamari and avocado salad

Prawn, calamari and avocado salad. Dust off the special crockery, set the tables, light the candles and gather friends and family to love, laugh and feast!

Sesame-seed fish fingers (Easy suppers)

Try these fish fingers with a twist, for an easy but delicious supper.

Calamari and chorizo stew

Serve with orzo and crusty bread, very delicious!

Skewered fish with chunky tomato salad

This chunky tomato salsa adds a citrusy zing to braaied or grilled fish kebabs.

Calamari steak with skordalia

Skordalia is a garlicky mash that can also be served cold. Serve it for dipping with salt-and-pepper calamari strips as a summer starter.

Pickled fish

Down here in the Cape you always know Easter is just around the corner when a seasonal preoccupation takes hold of our beloved city; yes, I’m talking about our pickled fish obsession.

Surf and turf

Get the best of both worlds with this delicious meal!

Spicy fish stew (one-pot meal)

Curl up with a bowl of spicy stew to keep you warm and cozy!