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a painting of a plant on a brick wall
Buy "Aloe" Oil Painting on Canvas by Louma van Rooyen - 15" x 30" for R5,250.00
an old wooden bench with succulents and plants on it's sides
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
Fill an old log with succulents. @melloo00 This could replace the rose bushes by the windows. What do you think?
an outdoor garden with rocks and plants
11 Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas for a Gorgeous Water-Saving Garden
With many parts of the country under drought restrictions, this flowery garden leads by example and shows how low water can still produce high color.
an air plant with orange flowers hanging from it's centerpiece on a concrete wall
Aloe Karoo with orange flower. Photograph by Fran Jex
some very pretty trees in the middle of a big grassy field with mountains in the background
Aloe trees, an arboreal variant of the genus Aloe, are tall -- often twice the human length. Transkei region, South Africa. Photo: Graphic House/EB Inc.
an oil painting of flowers and plants on a white background
Oil Painting of a Aloe, R 3000.00 excluding postage
an oil painting of flowers in the desert
SHAUNE ROGATSCHNIG Aloes Of Montagu (Framed) Oil on Canvas 100 x 50cm R 9,265
two paintings with red flowers on them and the words crissple preciouss to you
Christelle Pretorius Art, oil on canvas, Aloes 160x60