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the dress is cut out and ready to be displayed
a women's dress made out of paper and cut into pieces on the runway
the woman is wearing a red dress and high heels with her hand in her pocket
How to draft and sew a stylish trendy peplum skirt.#patterndrafting #sewingtutorial
Outfits, Haute Couture, Casual, Tops, Pretty Outfits, Real, Model
Built-up Neckline / Stovepipe Neckline / Mock Neck Tops [Pattern Making Tutorial]
Necklines are extended upwards beyond the neck, so it looks like a stand collar. But there’s no seam around the neck. They are cut as part of the bodice pattern by extending it. In this video, I show you how to draft Built-up necklines with bodice block patterns. And I also show you dart manipulation for this particular design.
a woman wearing a white shirt and black pants with an embroidered design on the front
How to make a Built Up Collar / High Neck Collar / Neckline
Dressmaking, High Neck Collar Pattern Drafting, Shirt Collar Pattern, Sewing Collars, Fashion Sewing Pattern, Shirt Pattern, Blouse Pattern Sewing
How to draft a built-up neckline|| stand up collar|| high neck collar || for beginners.
an image of a dress and other items on the app store's mobile page
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Exotic stunning dresses