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Hauntingly Evocative Female Captures - Laura Williams Takes Incredible Photographs (GALLERY)

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection. self-portrait of photographer Laura Williams, an artist from Cambridge, UK. The mirror illusion was achieved in post-production using Photoshop with the idea of being ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’.

Here's a silly hand for a teen.......they're always writing on themselves!

My best friend is the weirdest person alive and always make me laugh and she is beautiful. My other best friend is crazy smart and beautiful and my other best friend is amazing and beautiful- Kailee

No matter where you go, there will always be someone there with you. Even in the darkest times. You may not see them.. but when you reach the light again you will realize they were there the whole time.

When you realize every stressful moment that you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind. -Byron Katie - Cute photo idea for a Summer inspired photo book