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children are sitting at a table painting with watercolors on paper and paintbrushes
Week 14 : Party in The Art Room!!
Changing Leaves" create own leaf template, then traced their leaf (over and over), next background with a black crayon, last paint w/ watercolor paint. Source: The Colorful Art Palette
an iphone photo with the words artist on it and some art supplies next to it
flying shoes art studio
art: cute idea for art class... Copy or rip out page from old dictionary and have students illustrate a word on that page
a drawing of a tree and mountains with clouds in the sky on a black background
Texture’s landscapes
Texture’s landscapes, possible week 6 final project for cc fine art / drawing.
three colorful trees with snow falling on them
Stained Glass Trees
Stained Glass Trees Cut up pieces of colored tissue paper. Glue them onto a sheet of white paper. 2. Cut this sheet of paper into triangles to make the trees. 3. Paint another sheet of paper with three stripes of watercolor. 4. After the watercolor has dried, glue the trees onto this paper. 5. With marker draw branches and grass. 6. Use a paper punch to cut out white snow.
colorful paper cut outs on the ground with buttons and pins attached to them, all lined up in a row
Sombreros- Cinco De Mayo
a pink stuffed animal laying on top of a table next to some scissors and yarn
The Tristesse Grief Center
cuddle bug pinterest
four pieces of art that have been made with different colors and shapes on black paper
Mosaic Collographs, 3rd grade
Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: Mosaic Collographs, 3rd grade
the different shades of watercolor paint
October 2006 | Watercolor Paintings, Illustration, Inspiration and Creativity
Watercolor techniques
a piece of art that is sitting on top of a wooden board with needles sticking out of it
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Here's a fun way for kids to learn about music from different cultures. The thumb piano is a popular instrument throughout Africa. Experiment with the sound made by having the pins at different distances apart. Paint it your favorite colors and get playing! Check out all of Zylie's fun crafts and activities at
a painting of trees and flowers on a hill
Famous Art Inchies and New Giveaway
Impressionism lesson
a painting of a turtle swimming in the ocean
Paint, Sip, Plant and More!
Paint Nite | Drink Creatively "Sea Turtle" by Paint Nite Artist Kristina Elizabeth. Want to learn how to paint this?? Check out our website for an event near you!
a penguin made out of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to a blue and white background
Pinguin collage the sharp icy boarder is cool, kids could use green for jungle and add a leafy border or add coral or seaweed like boarder for different creatures -oh even rocks and a dragon in the middle, lots of ideas collage paper craft mixed media
two pieces of art are sitting on top of each other, one is red and the other is blue
Pamela Makes Stuff: Alcohol Ink on tiles tutorial with tips for sealing to use as coasters